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Komplekts  kafejnīcām vai bistro- SET MIAMI
Komplekts kafejnīcām vai bistro- SET MIAMI
249 EUR

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Āra bārbekjū grils - TUNDRA Grill - 80 Īpašais mēneša piedāvājums! Model:  TUNDRA Grill - 80

  1549 EUR   999 EUR 

Āra bārbekjū grils -  TUNDRA Grill - 80  Īpašais mēneša piedāvājums!
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Āra bārbekjū grils - TUNDRA Grill - 80

Universāls modelis TUNDRA Grill - 80 no slavenās Somijas bārbekjū grili ražotāja -Tundra Grill.
TG80 Black - unikāls modelis, kas apvieno modernu dizainu un jaunākās ražošanas tehnoloģijas. "Pacelšanas" sistēmu bezsoļu pa vertikāli rotējošs statīvi izdara gatavošanas ērtākas. Kamīni ir izgatavots no augstas kvalitātes somu tērauda.
Diametrs- 80 cm, biezums - 2, 5 mm. Darba virsmas augstums 80 cm vai 60 cm. Karstumizturīga pulverkrāsošanas iztur temperatūru līdz 650 C.
Jūs varat iestatīt grilu lapene ar jumta vai terase
Garantija: 2 gadi
Ražots: Somijā

Noskatieties video un uzzinātu vairāk informācijas:

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Netto Price*:  ar PVN 21%
Pieejamība uz noliktavas:   Pēc pieprasījuma
Piegādes nosacījumi: Pēc pieprasījuma
Garantija: 12 mēn.

Pilns katalogs un papildinformācija pa citiem modeļiem šeit  -   

More info

Dažādu stilu āra bārbekjū - griliem , kuri izgatavoti no īpašas uguns izturīgiem materiāliem piemērots lietošanai dažādos klimatiskajos apstākļos. Visiem bārbekjū ir atšķirīgs individuālais dizains, izmērs, komplektācija un no degvielas veidu - kokogļu vai kokogļu malka.

Papildus jūsu māja ainavas, mes arī piedāvā: dārzas mēbeles komplekti "Kantri" stilā, dekoratīvi sienu un trotuāra paneļi, no dabiskā akmeņa elementiem, un unikālu dekoru - antikas lielgabali XVII - XVIII gs. kopijas
Katrs vienums tiek veikts ar rokām, un to var izmantot, ka originalo jusu maja vai lauku maja, ka arpuses deko-risinajumu, vai ka unikals dekoru elements kafejnicā, restoranā,vai terasē un darzam.

What is barbecue? 

BARBECUE  - a device for cooking over charcoal.

Barbecue is the perfect decoration for the plot, bar, restaurant, patio, etc. 

What made barbecue? 

Parts subject to heat, made of special refractory compounds developed by experts in the industry.The lower part of the barbecue, which is not exposed to the heat, is made of lightweight reinforced concrete based on Portland cement.

Tabletop reinforced with various inserts and overlays depending on the model. It can be a natural stone (marble, granite, dolomite, smalt, etc), ceramics, artificial marble.All parts furnace coated multilayer protective coating that allows operation of barbecue in different climatic zones.BARBECUE  oven made of materials not hot during operation, which allows to paint them in the future ordinary exterior paint. 

How to choose a barbecue? 

All barbecue different design, size, equipment, and the type of fuel used:

1. BARBECUE -only on the finished charcoal - model STANDART and COMPAKT (coal is sold in stores in bags).

2. BARBECUE  universal - working and coal and wood.

Universal BARBECUE  differ in that they have:

1. Increased furnace.

2. Equipment includes a special device for the firing of wood - basket, which limits the maximum the wood load and protects the back wall from overheating.

3. Reinforced pipe.

There are a number of technological features allow for universal use wood barbecue. 

Equipment ovens barbecue? 

Depending on the furnace can be equipped with:

1. Forged frame for skewers.

2. Large stainless mesh.

3. Kit assembly (optional):

     A. 1 box - with refractory cement (gray) - for a stove.

     B. 1 box - with decorative (white) pasta - for sealing between the parts after assembly.

4. Basket firewood (optional)

5. Tool kit of 4 items: poker, shovel, tongs, whisk (optional)

6. Smokehouse steel (optional)

7. Pot cast iron with lid (optional)


Almost all models are extensions pipes installed barbecue gazebo and under canopies.

Each extension has a height of20 cm



Recommended number of extensions installation barbecue - 1-3 pieces.

Additionally, all barbecue stoves you can buy:

Garden furniture, made in the same design with a barbecue and various garden accessories. 

Packing barbecue stoves 

All furnaces exploded packed on pallets 1200 x800 mm. The volume of the pallet can be from1.2 m3to1.75 m3.

Products on the pallet height from1.3 mto1.8 m

Weight range from400 kgto1500 kg. (The exact size check with vendors). All parts are packaged in a transparent film of dust and a board strapped to each other durable packaging tape. This type of packaging allows us to transport barbecue for long distances. 

How to choose a barbecue stove? 

When deciding where to install a barbecue to consider the wind rose and the presence near trees and buildings. 

What should be the foundation for a barbecue? 

Barbecue oven, having assembled weight of400 kgto2000 kg, are on two or more supports, advances which may lead to cracking of countertops, etc. 

To prevent this and prolong the life of garden ovens

highly recommended to install a barbecue on the foundations of reinforced concrete with a minimum thickness of15 cm

Further finishing the basement tiles or stone, to produce up to mount barbecue.


IMPORTANT: The foundation must be level, with a deviation of no greater than1 cm in length of the base of the oven.


For details on making the foundation for a barbecue you can see here: SAMPLE THE BASEMENT 

How to assemble a barbecue? 

Barbecue can be collected in two ways.

1. Use the services of the company - the supplier

2. Collect yourself barbecue - following assembly instructions, which, like the mixture of the assembly that included a barbecue.

WARNING! Decorative plaster (see the inscription on the bucket) must be transported and stored at a temperature of at least +5 C.

Installation of barbecue at a temperature not lower than0 C! At negative temperatures assembly barbecue to be changed only using special tools:

1. Construction around the place a protective shelter (tents) with as tight walls.

2. Maintaining the established canopy (tent) temperature above0 C(with heater, a heat gun, etc.) during assembly and after installation of a barbecue in the time required for drying installation mixes that come with barbecue (see - Complete furnace barbecue).


How to install a barbecue in the gazebo? 

When installing a barbecue in the gazebo is the perfect presence of a single base. 

WARNING! Gazebo and barbecue, standing on different foundations that give different shrinkage and move relative to each other! 

Necessary when passing the pipe through the roof, with the technological gap, that there is no pressure on roof structures chimney. The gap depends on the design and height of the building. 

For extension of the furnace design using special, factory manufactured extension pipes installed in the gazebo and barbecue under a canopy! 

Each extension has a height of20 cm 


 Recommended number of extensions installation barbecue - 1-3 pieces. 

WARNING! Mounting the extension tube (or any work on the installation of extensions in the gazebo, verandas, terraces, sheds, etc.) by our professionals were made! 

How long after installation, you can use a barbecue? 

Barbecue can be used in 3 days after the assembly. This time is necessary to dry the joints between the parts, as refractory cement during assembly barbecue mixed with water. 

How to use the barbecue? 

The work on the finished charcoal.

Ready coal can be used in all barbecue. Coal use will allow you to quickly make your favorite dishes.

Place the coal on the stove or fire-resistant cast-iron grill. Using special briquettes or a special liquid (but not gasoline, etc.!) Ignite coal. After the coal breaks out, insert the runners who are in the side walls of barbecue, forged frame for cooking on skewers or stainless mesh, which put the product you want to cook. 

Work with wood.

Wood can be used in the universal model - firebox which have high heat resistance with trimmings of fireclay bricks

Recommend the use of wood, not larger than10 cmthick and30 cmlong. Derived from wood coals Smooth out evenly on a refractory plate. Next, see the beginning of this section - Work on the finished charcoal. 

Used in conditions of high humidity.

Since barbecue operated in the open air, the rain or snow after falling into the furnace, furnace parts are in a state of high humidity. 


In order to avoid sudden changes in temperature, which can lead to corrosion and cracking, as well as to extend the life of your barbecue, it is recommended:

in winter - snow removed from the furnace, then, regardless of the season, the first 30 minutes to maintain a small fire to make sure the barbecue is completely dry.

IMPORTANT! Check out the What is forbidden the use of barbecue? 

Can I use a barbecue in the winter? 

Yes, you can. See the previous section - How to use the barbecue?

If desired, use a barbecue in the winter, you want to protect the furnace from getting into the snow.

When working on the finished carbon peculiarities.

When using wood should, avoiding the big fire, gently heat the oven. Further normal. 

What is the lifetime of barbecue? 

Subject to these rules lifetime unlimited barbecue. 

What is the warranty on the barbecue? 

Provide a warranty of one year from the date of sale. Warranty on the barbecue is granted provided proper assembly and operation.

Repair claims, please contact the supplier's 

Can I change the details of a barbecue, defective for various reasons? 

Any part can be replaced either by themselves or through a company supplier

In any case, you will not leave without help. 

Which prohibits the use of barbecue? 

1. Use for firing any flammable liquids such as gasoline.

2. Burn firewood outside baskets to ignite the wood.

3. Burn leaves, grass, and garden waste.

4. Breeding big fire and the use of barbecue as a device to heat or fire, as this could lead to structural failure.

5. Use wood in models designed to work on coal

 - STANDART and COMPAKT. See section - How to choose a barbecue?

6. Pour water in the unburned wood or charcoal barbecue.



  Āra bārbekjū grils- TUNDRA Grill - 80

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